Sunday, 27 September 2009



Scrambled egg w/cream(6 eggs)

Protein bar pwo

Scrambled egg w/cream (6 eggs)


Weighted Ab
Shoulder press
Military Shoulder press
Vertical Traction machine - 45kg, 50kg
Sumo squats plan + w/ triceps extension
Back extension
General stretches
Stepper + X trainer HIIT session

Bit jumbled as I did my 3 day split a bit off this week, schedule been off with studying. Did a bit of all sorts tonight!




Lunch-6 eggs w/butter

pre workout- dark chocolate

Pwo - 4 fried eggs in butter


Leg & Abs primarily

Crunches - floor, weighted crunches-20kg
Pull downs 45kg 10 reps, 50kg 8 reps
Leg press 50kg, 60kg, 70kg, 80kg - 90kg (only a few reps at this weight)
Back extensions- body weight and with 20kg weight
Stepper Machine -15 minutes
X trainer to cool down

Thursday, 24 September 2009


Been a mad week working on my final assesment for my degree, so just a tad busy!!


8 eggs w/ butter

2 scoops whey PWO


Stepper 5 minutes

Cross trainer 10 minutes

Weighted crunches -25kg

Bench press - working chest + chest flys

Back & Bi's

Pull downs -35kg, 40kg - four sets of 8

Vertical traction - 40kg, 45kg, 50kg

Pull - for back 25kg, 30kg

Hammer Curls - 10kg, 12kg, 20kg

Bicep curls, 3 sets *8 - 20kg

Preacher Curls 13kg, 4 sets

Concentration Curls, 4 sets 10kg, 12kg

Sunday, 20 September 2009



8 am Pulse pre workout 20g

Post workout - 2 scoops whey, protein bar(10g protein)

2 whole egg/cheese/wrap

pwo whey

3 Egg/cheese/butter



Stepper- 5 minutes

Leg press - 50kg, 60kg, 70kg

Leg extensions

Bicep Curls

Hammer Curls- varying weights

Military shoulder press

(wide overhand)Pull downs - 4lg, 50kg,55kg


Evening session

Stepper - HIIT style

On swiss ball- Reverse and normal crunches

Weighted crunches

Hammer curls- heavy, low reps

Leg press - 60kg, 70kg

Pull downs - 45kg, 50kg, 55kg

Wide pull downs 45kg, 50kg

Back extension

Friday, 18 September 2009


Some serious burn this morning, arms, traps and back are killing!!- Decided to stay out of the gym today, train at home and get back in the gym tomorrow, hit up some more pulse, got a sample, so one more dose. Definitely going to order some, pushed a lot harder than usual!!


First thing - 2 scoops whey w/water

Iced Americano(no cream, no sf syrup)
Cheddar cheese

Water + vitamin c+ berocca

Egg cream - toffee syrup, 3 eggs, whey, water

- out for Thai dinner- something eggy I expect!


5 mile walk

afternoon workout outside:

simple boxing style workout - incorporating jabs with dumbbells


Butt kicks


Standard crunches

Bicycle crunches

Toe Touch crunches

Dumbbell row


Lunges with military press

W Shoulder press

Military shoulder press

Sumo squats

Sumo squats w/ tri extension

That's all for today folks! TTFN

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Thursday monster workout....

Off work for a couple days, so making the most of having time to mega training sessions!

Pre workout - 20g Pulse ( - same as NO xplode, or Purple wrath

Post workout - 2 scoops Raspberry whey


Abs : Crunches + weighted crunches (25kg)

Chest press 25kg

Bench chest press- with dumbells- 20kg

Tricep curls

Pulldowns - 45kg

Chin ups

Cardio- Stepper/ x-trainer

Sunday, 13 September 2009

...Sunday = carb up

..okay so made this today for my carb up..sure my other half will help me with it!!

Protein cake

2 scoops whey

125g rhubarb yoghurt

water -filled the yoghurt pot

2 packets oatmeal

3 eggs

greased with butter - baked low -120 for 35 minutes

..came out really nice, firm and filling- perfect with a blob of fage!

Will be off to train again later tonight. Thats all for now


Saturday, 12 September 2009


Back after a long long break.. still focus on low carb but also high protein- getting into bodybuilding more seriously.

Back to training after a bit of a medical issue, so taking it slow the first week


X-Trainer 35 minutes (High resistance)
Stepper 15 minutes
Abs- on ball, floor + 3 sets of weighted


5 eggs w/butter


Fage w/ whey sludge

Monday, 4 May 2009


Sticking to VLC monthly fruit/veg eating


3 eggs w/ Broccoli + chilli

2 eggs (chilli flakes ahoy)

green tea

1 fried egg

scrambled eggs 3-5

Monday, 27 April 2009



2 Boiled eggs

Coffee w/davinci syrup

Green tea

2 meat free burgers w/butter (2g carbs)**

Green tea w/syrup


2 fried eggs

**Addition of the burgers as I had a migraine needed something more to take painkillers on, not something I will be doing again!!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Updated storage ...and wee haul!

Bit of a delayed post as I have had an essay been wrapped up with editing that the past week. All done and dusted now! hurrah!
Anyways I have been hunting for mini storage drawers forever.. every American youtuber..oh depot..ERR..Nowhere here could I find them..! Was in poundland after work one night, don't ask.. think I went to get some drain cleaner..LOL....and there they were..stacks of mini drawers in white, purple and pink! Went with the pleased with them! May have to get two more!

Here they are..fabulous for £2! (thats the MAC double dazzle promo postcard on top there)

Okay these I got a couple weeks ago, its a range at Superdrug 2True, everything is £1.90 or 3 items for £5..I just wanted a small treat..perfect! Actually love this eyeshadow..its a bit too in it is crumbly..but the colour payoff is fantastic..and it stays on 12 hours NO PROBLEM! Eyeliner matches colour wise perfect and is soft..easy to complaints. I worked the smoky purple eye for a good 3 days after getting it...lovee the colour!

The mascara is comparable to the Maybelline Volume express..which I didn't like much..but I like that clumpy look sometimes..which it creates..its better than the Maybelline..and so cheap..fine for a backup! got some mundane things..but very essential
Dry shampoo..fabulous..trying this scent out, normally go with the Tropical! Its a lifesaver morning after the gym..refreshes your hair when you don't have time for a full wash etc.
Trusty Neutrogena..its fading my acne scars ..10 year old acne scars I may add.. so..I am keeping on with it...despite the stink! Trying out this wash..its part of the DEEP CLEAN line not the Visibly clear..smells good, really tingly breakouts.

Okay here is what I picked up last Monday..had a shopping day..lovely and relaxed!

Went to MAC to get the Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing powder. Totally sold out, and not going to be back in my local store for 4 weeks. Was so upset..was the only thing I actually wanted!! The girl was super sweet and gave me a sample from the pot they had on the stand..hurrah!
I then was racking my brain what was next on my list at MAC..remembered Elle mentioning spring bean lustreglass..picked that was £10.20 or thereabouts! Just as promised..gorgeous like honey on the lips..fantastic! the shocking green colour in the tube just makes it more fun!

I had all intentions of getting Maybelline foundation..the new one and the dream mousse..I know the colour matches..not allergic..etc. Then suddenly I saw the SLEEK stand.. sleek is a brand I used as a kid.. all sorts of cheap glitter nail polishes and lipsticks.. its been relaunched..slicked up..and wow am I impressed. Got this cream to powder foundation..gorgeous.. will have to review it at a later date. Was about £ same price range as Maybelline. They have some amazing products, a brick style bronzer(cough cough looks a lot like Bobbi Brown) and the eyeshadow palettes and worth a look!

Another brand causing a stir at Superdrug, BEAUTYUK, Palettes are 2.93 (with Student discount 2.63!). This is the neutral palette..the colours and pigmentation..rock!

Anyways that's it...Now on makeup ban for 4 weeks!! Have plenty to play with for a month.. Double Dazzle is out here in 2 weeks time, so I can totally wait for that..hopefully they wont sell out fast like the Colour Ready did!
R xxx

Food LOG sunday

MORNING: 4 fried eggs

Skinny latte syrup caramel
AFTERNOON: BUTTER + 3 Fried eggs 500ml water
EVENING: Green tea w/toffee syrup Sugar free

If need anything later : boiled eggs pre prepared or spoon of cottage cheese

Saturday, 25 April 2009

FOOD LOG Saturday

Continuing with Very low carb! onwards and upwards!



2 fried eggs

omelet: 3 eggs, handful of spinach



green tea
Coffee w/davinic syrup

Thursday, 23 April 2009

FOOD LOG Thursday

LUNCH : 6 scrambled eggs w/butter

TEA: 2 eggs fried w/butter PM

Green tea, water

Exercise 6 mile walk, leg training


Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Food LOG

Food for Wednesday

Doing VLC, with the addition of the occasional orange, apple or greens when wanted. No sweat! Otherwise EGGs+ FAT

Lunch 4 boiled eggs, soft boiled (no fat)
Dinner Butter + scrambled eggs (5 eggs)

Water, Fennel tea, fruit tea, green tea

Exercise : power walk, 6 mile walk

Friday, 10 April 2009

Food log FRIDAY

100g FAGE Greek strained yoghurt

Sugar free lime cordial

Hot water

Roobios tea!

Nothing better than getting gifts!!

Eyeko nail polish..such cute packaging! Lollipop26 had a gorgeous pale green colour..needed to get one.. this fluro pink was crying out!! lol anyway was a no guilt!

£1.93 ..or 1.63 w/NUS Card!

They have a cute cheek stain in a big fat lipbalm style tube..tooo adorable..(This may be mine tomorrow!)

Also ELF brushes arrived, washed them...there are lovely..I heard a lot of bad things about the blending brush..was expecting it to be straight in the bin..its lovely and soft..fluffy..gorgeous!! They are identical to my Ruby and Millie in..they look like they came from the same factory..even packaging..IDENTICAL..Sick..for £6-11 ..Opposed to the £1 a piece these ELF ones were!! ..definitely going to get a couple more! They came 3 days after order.. really pleased with them. The Easter promo is fab, £5 off when spending £15..but..I am staying away!

Foundation brush, eye liner brush, concealer brush and blending brush

Waiting until week after next to hit MAC, got an assignment due, so soon as that's done and handed in....stupid amount of reading, case law bla bla bla..once that's done...I will be treating myself with a few bits. Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing powder is top of the well as some mundane items I have used up!

Want to start collecting eye think am going to order a 15 pan palette....then some pan shadows..a couple each month should have it filled by xmas time!! oh I wish the counters sold them..its so annoying when not in London cant get hold of pro products!! aaah(MAC mail order is JUST NOT the same)!

Anyways..nothing else exciting..loving my neon nails though!

Trying to confine my make up loving to my friends now have "MAC" bored dribbling faces they make when I start going on about MAC...."oh no she is off on about MAC..again!!".. I know you guys understand though!! lol Speaking of addicts..I discovered Specktra this week..LOVE! Check it out!



Sunday, 5 April 2009

FOOD Log sunday

FOOD for today

1 cup Turkish apple tea


Apple & Mango tea - teapot

Summer fruit sugar free sqaush

3 eggs fried, no fat

Staying in look...

Staying in look..last nights make up..simple..wanted to a quick and easy look..that wasn't too OTT! Fresh face, nude lip..
Simple, but effective!!


MAC Mineralize foundation

MAC Deep Dark MSF

Drugstore Bronzer

Fixed with Evian facial mist


Maybelline Dream Mousse in Gold

Bad gal eyeliner Benefit

Topped with Inky Dazzle dust(Collection 2000): similar to BarryM but HALF the price!



Underplay lipstick, MAC
Love the nude colour..its great!

Anyway here's an easy staying in..loaf on the sofa look!


Saturday, 4 April 2009

ELF....and make-up chatter

Okay so I was watching vids last night and heard someone mention ELF all over cover looked lush and dewy on.......hmm..ELF..Whatever is that??!!.. after a quick google and pulling up a billion youtube reviews..I cracked on with the website!!

A quick gander on facebook found that there is a £1 brush offer until MIDDAY Sunday lunchtime! Fabulous (its BRUSHOFF) ..Too good..anyway was kindly treated to 4 brushes..£4!!!!I have been going on and on about getting a reward for my assignment so this seemed fitting!

I now really want from them the pale pink nail varnish, navy nail varnish, Toasted face stick, Honey lipgloss, eyelashcurler...coconut lip balm..oooooo...maybe a squishy Train case too!! ..And the cream colour bases had good reviews. At £1.50 a piece..this is credit crunch make-up baby!

Will report back on the brushes when they arrive..very excited! Some of my Sephora brushes are looking very very sad!

I completely tidied up my make up last night...very therapeutic! am still finding solutions to organising..if anyone has a fantastic idea, please share!!

Checked out MUJI, These clear drawers are fabulous however am wondering how messy they will get or how many I will need by the end of the year, at £10 per two drawers..well I don't think they are going to be as modular as I would like.. Don't think more than 4 stacked is going to work!

WHSmiths has some gorgeous mini drawers..but..out of stock to check my local store for them! These are Laura Ashley and come in various floral designs..very cute and vintage looking.

Also wheeley plastic a charm..but..I think kind of ugly..I have all nice hat boxes and floral storage in my adding a big plastic thing..I am dubious about!! lol

This train case at ARGOS is a steel at 19.99...why couldn't it be silver?! ahh! Am thinking this is the best option despite the colour...

Japonseque have some lovely and fabulous quality ones around £50...bit more of an investment! These have a wooden professional quality..built to last and travel!

There are some amazing organisation vids online..but really..I cannot decide how best to store bits! Ideally I would have a MAC train case..but they are extortionate!!

A girl can dream!..anyways if your after new(and insanely cheap!) brushes..get to ELF by lunchtime tomorrow!


Rebekah xoxo


Nothing exciting , but here are the eats for today!

1 litre water

2 cups squash -sugar free Cherries with Berries

3 egg scrambled w/water

1 navel orange

will have more water/squash today, found I am able to eat oranges without much problem, no extra hunger ..and still in ketosis which is great!



Thursday, 2 April 2009

Current products....

Cant believe its April already..madness!

Anyways borrowed this idea from the lovely Laura at My Bloggy Blog..fabulous

Shampoo: Frizz ease daily Shampoo, Curl around ( sooo creamy!)

Conditioner: Aussie Miracle 3 minute re-constructor

Shower Gel: Original source Cocoa and Vanilla or Johnson's 24 Moisture (lovely but a bit over perfumed!)

Body Moisturiser: Organic coconut oil or Molton Brown Invigorating Ginseng

Deodorant: Mitchum stick powder fresh!

Cleanser: Simple wipes then Neutrogena Triple action lotion

Eye makeup remover: None at the moment, simple wipes get everything off!

Toner: Tea tree toner from Lush + Evian facial mist

Exfolatior: Olay Microdermobrasion wipes , daily facial collection

Primer: GOSH Foundation Primer

Foundation: Maybelline Dream Mousse

Foundation Brush: Large powder brush & Flat foundation brush(Artists brush)

Concealer: I spot apply the Maybelline for covering acne scars

Powder: MAC MSF in Deep Dark

Bronzer: Moonbeam Benefit highlighting fluid

Eyeshadow Base: Maybelline dream mousse eyeshadow ..applies just the same as a paint pot

Eyeshadows: Urban decay ....major sparkly.....(major fallout) Grind(iridescent white, perfect for inner corner), Shotgun and Chopper

Eyeliner: Bad gal Benefit

Eyelash curler: ..don't use one!

Mascara: Maybelline Define-A-Lash (not feeling it..does what it says..but..I think I like huge clumpy spidery lashes..time to switch!)

Lipstick: MAC Underplay...perfect nude..gorgeous!

Lipgloss: ...More of a carmex kinda gal!



Tuesday, 31 March 2009 crunch shopping!

Have been soo busy with coursework and reading.. not been about lately..apart from a quick read of my favourite make up blogs! Went to meet my best mate for lunch n shopping first time since well overdue!..resisted Selfridges..seriously I walked straight through all the beautiful make up counters!
the recession officially bites..!!

Anyways what I did get..

Hello Kitty Make up bag, H&M £2.99...amazing price..and so adorable!! Its roomy and even has some little pockets inside..fab! Its now home for my facial wipes!
They had loads of colours, smaller patent bags, as well as a collection of Hello kitty shower gels, body butters and little eyeshadow pallet's..too cute!

Skincare@ Boots

Still loving the Neutrogena, its fading out my old acne scars got some triple action lotion, wipes etc Simple wipes always ruthless about cleansing with my current foundation routine! no good falling asleep with a full face on!

3 for 2 offer..too much to miss!

Boots have launched a vintage style collection of skincare..the packaging is Divine..fancy the Skin an old fashioned rose water bottle..lush!
I noticed PONDS have relaunched their classic Cold cream cleanser..this reminds me of my mum as a kid..she swore by this stuff, needless to say she was delighted to hear its back!! The packaging is fab...and well the smell is so nostalgic..its just the same as it was all those years ago!

Thought would take advantage of student discount at some Barry M dazzle dusts
Colours are : Cherry Black and Chocolate brown

Recently saw a fab make up look on the show "the city" Ali the model ..was wearing a super dewy bronze face, nude lip..and chocolate brown shimmer waterline and super heavy in socket......simply stunning....balance of the dewy face with it..fab fab!want to recreate it using the Chocolate brown dazzle pot. Gorgeous(see piccy below)!!

Planning on doing a make up haul in a couple weeks, so holding back, couple bits I want to check out; MAC Grand duos. Think until I see the Grand Duo Light over Dark in person..I wont know if I really love love love it!

Got my assignment back for my course, got a good grade so chuffed, getting a reward from looking forward to picking something lush out!!

You know what they..all work and no play! small pleasures in life!!


Rebekah xo

Thursday, 26 March 2009

FOOD log

Okay back to food logging..sorry for the break! Been slowly adjusting to solids ..different meds etc etc!

6 AM :2 eggs

@ Work

3 black coffee

1 navel orange

Tonight will have :

After 6PM : 4-5 eggs

Activity : 6 mile walk, gym workout and yoga

Looking into IF at the moment, am thinking of trying this out next week. Will mean an eating window 3-8pm or 4-9pm. Anyways going to play with this and see what feels best. Check out Fast-5 site.


Rebekah xx

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Transition back to solids!

Okay so from tomorrow I will be transitioning back to solids!

Off shopping for veggies etc that I need in the evening, looking forward to having some juice!For those of you that dont know I was fruitarian for 18 months prior to (vegetarian)Atkins, so breaking fasts gently/having a vegan diet for a short easy for me!

This is how the plan goes.

Day 1: Orange juice + juicy fruit

Day 2-4: Orange juice and homemade broth (minimal eating of veggies)

Day 5 onwards Broth, some well cooked veggies, thin soups and egg drop soup + additional half avocado

With a view to getting back to VLC : eggs main food, plenty of fats

Will be supplementing as usual with coconut oil, Berocca and the addition of Chili olive oil to my soups.

That's all for now!



Friday, 13 March 2009

This weeks make up chatter...

** Warning I am about to ramble on about my love for MAC... step away if your not into MAC**

Okay so I am loving my Mineralize skin finish natural, got this for valentines..and well, its amazing! I don't have to touch up or anything breakouts! hurrah

Basically all I use is maybelline Mousse foundation as concealer, kabuki on this, with primer, then mineralize on top. Amazing flawless finish! Love it!

Anyways I was after another, have the natural and the brunette...however...after looking about I found out about this...

Sugar Sweet collection...Launched in I am going to hang tight to get the Mineralise skin finish in this collection, looks just incredible! drooling!! seriously!!..may also look at the Grand Duos at this stage...

Okay so one of my favourite bloggers ...Allthatglitters21 has been using Fix plus recently. Am going to get this next week, I have to try this out. Currently I use evian spray but this has soothing green tea ..lush!

I was looking at the flat brush that's just come out with the well defined collection..well today we were doing paint facing at work for Red Nose Day, and I noticed the brushes the lady was using looked identical to the new MAC one! These are artists flat brushes, and retail at £3-£6, rather than a whopping £24.. I will definitely be looking into these..will get back with what I got at the artists store!

Looking forward to hitting up MAC pro in a couple weeks and also checking out NARS stuff at Liberty's. I adore most of the stuff on HQhair..but I find colours are exceptionally hard to judge really have to see, try and feel the product!

Anyway..enough rambling..for now!!


Water water water

Am sticking to liquid only at the moment, just for two weeks, rest my digestive system and simplify things even more so for a fortnight.

following is on the menu :


herbal infusions

green tea

freshly made lemonade

protein shakes : coffee/tea base-- scoop whey or hemp PP, Davinci syrup..done!

going to try the olde.....egg creams

coconut oil
Berocca multivitamin
Dr Stuarts Purity tea, Valerian Tea and Lax Plus

That's it until next weekend

Will post again as I transition back to solids and then VLC.


Sunday, 8 March 2009

Food log SUNDAY


Fennel & Nettle detox blend tea

Coffee w/ toffee davinci syrup

1 Berocca multivitamin in water

3 fried eggs w/loads of chili ground on top


Sugar free squash, Strawberry and Kiwi variety.

1 "Steak" w/ runny boiled egg on top

Snack later : 2 fried eggs with butter

** Not usually one to eat fake meat, but got them on offer, been in the freezer, fancied something different!!

156 calories, bit of a treat, loads of protein! so..ain't gonna sweat it!


Been studying and spring cleaning today, thought was the perfect time to clean the house and consolidate my notes for the week. Seemed to have every season today in one day! Torrential rain, sunshine, clouds..then fine and dry again!! lol Feel rested and ready for another week at work..well nearly!


more girly chat....Skincare for March

Okay so I have been trying out a new skincare regime..very aware that just using any old thing on my skin isn't going to cut it!

My skin has improved loads since Low carbing, basically I used nada on my skin up until a couple months ago, water..and any old lotion! eek! I have combination skin, getting dried these days to be fair, which is a good thing after many teen years fighting with oily skin!!

Been using the following products for the past 3 weeks :

Neutrogena Visibly clear range

2 in 1 wash and mask

Strong, effective!

works well as a mask.. can just dab it on spots before bed also if you don't want the full mask face for bedtime!

2 in 1 concept is genius, works a charm for both applications!

This feels super emollient when your rubbing it into your face for using it as a "wash", really great, gets all the make up off.

Oil free Moisturiser

Really chemical smell, wowsers! This bothers me, I really cant put it on before bed! smells like I sprayed Dettol on my face!

Works fine, not really rich enough for using before make up- would need something rich or a primer on top.

Handled PMS sweat!

Will keep using it as a topical thing, not a daily moisturiser..its pretty harsh!

Once a week, Olay Regenerist Micro-derm cloths

** to be honest I got them as I had £5 boots voucher for Olay, and I wanted the pot, as they sell refills for combination skin, however not the original box set up..very odd! I will be buying the Olay daily facial REFILLS to go in the pot once I am finished!

These are pricey at £7.33

Anyways really like them, use it once or twice a week for a deep clean. Very cleansing, not too abrasive clothes at all. Use the smooth side to rinse your skin.

Leaves your skin feeling really nice, firm and clean!

No breakouts, I know some people are allergic to Olay, so maybe worth testing it first!

for underneath work make up: Boots Expert Shine control cream

So cheap about £3 ..and so effective, been using this before applying works, I have been using just MAC mineralize lately and NO SHINE..fantastic..normally I am an oil slick by 6pm!

So for now that is my basic skincare regime, I loveee Dermatologica, but wrestling with whether to get some more products, at £33 a bottle..its a bit of a purchase!


R xx

Saturday, 7 March 2009

My current make up wishlist... is my girly bit for the week..

Okay so completely drooling over various things at the moment! MAC is sooo delayed in releasing things out here its mad! Finally Hello Kitty was out Thursday, along with some limited edition Mineralize and Grand Duo's..which I am equally excited about!!
I need some relaxation time, have been studying like a fiend simple pleasures in life..really do cheer a woman up!! There is more to life than
Just received my NUS card, amazingly you can get 10% off at Superdrug, which is fabulous for Barry M and GOSH!! here are the products I most want right now...making a bit of a list...

1. Barry M new releases
Barry M releasing spring range in 2 weeks time, the pastels are beautiful.Am after these nail varnishes...gorgeous! £2.95 each

Baby Pink

Pale Purple

Lavender Blue

drools! I got the Grey last month after seeing Lollipop26 wearing is sex on legs!

2. Barry M Dazzle Dusts

These are beautiful, pigmented..and comparable to MAC paint pots. But..less than half the price!

£4.50 each rather than...£11.20 ish

Petrol black (new in!)


Dark chocolate

3. Mac grand duo....Mineralize blush

this one is crying out to be my make up bag....

Light after dark is the one I am after..shimmery bronze..gorgeous!

4. Mac Square foundation brush

This is part of the Well Defined collection, lusting..badly..think I am going to ask for it for my birthday!

at a whopping £24.. it isn't going to be an impulse buy!
For the time being am going to buy a GOSH foundation brush.. getting the perfect base down is a bit of a project for me currently!

5. Benefit eyeshadow Lana

creamy..pot favourite.. £13

that's all for now..I think I feel a Barry M shopping spree coming on!! Superdrug have slashed some of the line down, even more excuse!!
Looking at re-organising my make up currently.. will report back with what ideas/finds!

Food for Saturday

1 teapot green tea

Squash : Strawberry & Kiwi no added sugar

5 egg omlette with 2 teaspoons cottage cheese + Large pat of butter

for tea will do:

3-5 soft boiled eggs

Going to cinema so will probably have a diet coke!

Thats all


Friday, 27 February 2009


Still not feeling 100% but trying hard to eat, keep it down etc

Scrambled eggs; 4 eggs, water, sea salt

Green tea

Fennel tea

Probably have a coffee w/davinci bit later on



Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Hello Kitty at MAC

Okay completely girly indulgent post..

Hello Kitty landing at MAC in the next week, cannot wait!! All the lovelies across the pond have had it for several weeks now!

Anyways if you haven't seen is the gorgeous Lorraine sharing her haul....Current Custom

Really impressed with the Blonde Brunette and Redhead collection

My other half treated to some valentines goodies....the minerealize in Brunette , the natural mineralize(deep dark) and Underplay lipstick... in love with Mineralize right now. Am finding it gives enough coverage for weekdays..without needing a thick layer of foundation!! I went in thinking I wanted "Shag" lipstick from the website..entirely different in person! Underplay is a creamy nude..fabulous on!

Am after some of the Brunette eye shadows next.... planning a trip to Liberty's in a few weeks to take a look at the latest NARS goodies, the colours look so much different in person compare to on the website!

Working on getting my skin in top condition this month! Relaxing anyways to have some pamper time of an evening!

Anyways...just sharing my excitement!! out for more make up banter!

Back at last!

Finally back after a bit of poorly spell, going to CBT for my OCD, so hoping to be feeling back on top form very soon!!

Baby steps, one day at a time!

Stocked up the fridge for the week..going to try my best to eat, although with medication it is hard

45 Eggs


Cottage cheese

Mature Cheddar

Olive oil



Various sugar free squash bottles

Same as always 5g a day

Will be taking Berocca daily also


Tuesday, 3 February 2009


6AM:2 fried eggs

at work
Herbal tea
1 Roobios tea
Mexican Lime squash

1 Navel orange * feeling a bit rundown so oranges + berocca right now, not optimal..but there we go!

Evening :
4 egg omlette

PWO 2 meat free burgers grilled then cooked in butter

Monday, 2 February 2009



2 fried eggs in olive oil


Black Coffee

Fruit herbal tea


1 Navel Orange

2 Eggs, 2 Burgers + Lots of butter

2 huge mugs of Chocolate truffle tea (herbal/black tea..delish)

Sunday, 1 February 2009


Food today

3 fried eggs, Butter + chili

1 Navel orange

4 egg omelet with Butter, chili and sea salt.

Lots of Mexican Lime cordial (splenda sweetened), 2 Coffee, Water

Might do 2 burgers in butter if I get peckish!

Snowing up a storm must go get my wintery bits ready for work!! TTFN!

Saturday, 31 January 2009

FOOD LOG Saturday

Weekend so a bit more laid back!

Groceries for this week :

50 eggs £5.00

Unsalted Butter 84p

Eats for today :

3 fried eggs in butter
1 navel orange -- treat for the week
4 egg scrambled egg with LOADS of olive oil, Chilli and a dash of sea salt.. YUM!

Pretty laid back day today had yoga/dance didnt do much. Sunday mega workout day!

Weight seems to be coming off very fasting eating so clean, going to check my calories for a few days. Ketosis really KILLS appetite, still in there after the its all good!

Toodle pip!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Food log

For Thursday

4 meat free burgers w/cheese 1g carb per burger

6 mile walk + workout


3 fried eggs with mozarella

Mexican Lime squash

Regular training + 7 mile walk

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


1 oz Mozarella

5 boiled eggs, plain NO SALT NO MAYO

Lots of water, squash(splenda sweetened) and black coffee.

Regular training + 6.5 mile walk

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Bit of feedback on plan so far:
  • Noticed am feeling full of energy

  • Able to train harder/do more reps

  • Working out 2 hours minimum each day + 6 mile walk -- a lot easier than it was at the start of January!No longer exhausted after my walk

  • Starting the day with Fried eggs and plenty of FAT keeps me full for at least 4-6 hours.

  • Being deep in Ketosis keeps ALL hunger away

Have been using my stepper at home quite a lot for 1 hour periods, find this is easy to do whilst watching television, adding in weights really helps avoid any boredom. Definitely worthwhile!

Food for TODAY

- 3 fried eggs(in olive oil) with 1oz Mozzarella on top

-Egg mayo (4 eggs, 2 T Mayo)

-2 Coffee w/davinci

75% fat, 5g carbs. Aiming for 5g or UNDER everyday.

Target for today met!


1.5 hours Stepper

1 hour run + workout

Monday, 26 January 2009

Food log MONDAY

1oz Mozarella

1 soya yoghurt with medication ** Was essential, less than optimal choice, but kept my pills down!

2 hard boiled eggs (morning snack)

Leftover quiche squares, about 1/3

Hot tea

Blackcurrant squash(Splenda sweetened)


2 black coffee w/ Davinci syrup

Unsure what will have for dinner just yet,not hungry at the moment.

Most likely 2 fried eggs or some egg mayo

Sunday, 25 January 2009


3 fried eggs

Americano w/ English Toffee syrup

Roobios tea vanilla flavour

Dinner : huge spinach omlette--made with water + MAYO

If hungry later will have :

roobios tea and a soft boiled egg

Now preparing for the week ahead : Boiling 12 eggs, packing leftover quiche for tommorow and packing sugar free squash for work.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Food LOG Saturday

Food for today

Brekkie : 2 fried eggs, in olive oil + 1oz Feta cheese

Water w/mexican lime (splenda sweetened)

Americano w/SF Toffee Syrup

PM : After Training + run

2 big slices Quiche with Mayo FULL FAT(of course)

Fennel/aniseed Tea

Friday, 23 January 2009

Food Journal FRIDAY

Fennel tea/ Dr Stuarts Slim Plus Tea

Celestial seasonings Lemon Zinger Tea

"Beef" slices (Redwood vegetarian slices, 4g carbs for 100g)

Green tea

Fage w/ coconut oil + Other tablets - 4 tablespoons of fage

2 fried eggs in Olive Oil + Sunflower pure

1 slice crustless quiche with spinach/feta

Thats all for today, probably have a Mexican lime cordial with water in a bit

Crustless Spinach and Feta Quiche

Spinach and Feta Quiche Low carb style!

1.Saute off some spinach with garlic and paprika ( Use butter or olive oil..plenty of it)

2. Place into a lined spring form pan or pie dish

3. Mix up egg mixture, I used 8 small eggs-- equal amounts liquid with lacto-free milk/nutmilk/soy milk..whatever you want to use.

4. Pour on top of spinach, top with crumbled up feta cheese

5. Into a pre-heated oven at 150 , increase to 180 after 10 minutes. Mine took 50 minutes, I kept checking on it. When the knife comes out clean its ready!

6. Leave to cool, serve and enjoy!

Really pleased this is the first one I have made, came out really smooth and silky..amazed how smooth the filling yummy!! mmm.. going to have some for snacks tomorrow, lush!

Would think ideal for breakfasts on the run, can use any fillings and reheat or eat cold!


Decided to blog mainly about low-carb stuff, but also some other girly things that don’t have anything to do with nutrition. This will mainly be dedicated to food, nutrition and new recipes.

Bit of background, Vegetarian of 12 years, Fruitarian of 1 year, followed DANDR Atkins to loose 42lb now cycling egg fasting in order to get fit, ripped and ready for summer!

The choice to change my diet radically was mainly for weight loss, I probably wasn’t anywhere near as active as I am now, but my weight was sitting still and I felt it was worth trying a different way of life for a short period. Been low carb since August 2008.

I can’t tolerate a huge amount of dairy, am playing around with doing this with and without. Shall see how that goes! The decision to go back to being a lacto-ova vegetarian after being a strict vegan was a pretty big deal for me, I think some sort of middle ground is best!

For the last 10 weeks have been cycling Egg fasting with Stillman’s diet, the next 4 weeks aims to be as low carb as possible, playing around with amounts of fat and seeing the impact this has on weight loss as well as strength during training.

Usually consume 10-15g carbs per day, Aim to keep it as close to ZERO as possible.

Outline of plan for 20/01/2009-20/02/2009

High fat – Sunflower oil, Olive oil, fresh Mayo and Hemp Oil

Unlimited amount of eggs per day
Limited any Meat replacements to 1 serving : 1 burger, 1 “chicken” fillet, 1 sausage etc.
Splenda sweetened Squash or Crystal light, no fizzy drinks

Lactose free cheese – 1 oz once a day. Aiming to cut it down to 1 serving per week

+ Adding in Protein shakes this month – made with water or Soya Milk/ add in Hemp butter etc if needed

Mainly focus is : Eggs and plenty of fat.

In whatever format be that egg creams, egg mayo, devilled eggs, omelet, chocolate eggs, oopsie rolls, quiche etc.

6 mile walk every day

1 hour run or 1 hour stepper with a high resistance

Weight training of set body part OR Spinning OR General workout for 1 hour

Weekends : Add in interval session outdoors
GROCERIES as of 23.01.2009

30 eggs
Olive oil
Sunflower oil
Meat replacement- chicken fillets
Chili Grinder
Roobios Vanilla Tea
Sugar free Squash
Mexican Lime Cordial

1 Davinci Syrup : English Toffee

Probably stop to buy more sale eggs tomorrow, get them whilst they are cheap!

That’s it simple!

That’s the plan for the coming month. Hope to follow with food journal as well as recipes.