Friday, 10 April 2009!

Nothing better than getting gifts!!

Eyeko nail polish..such cute packaging! Lollipop26 had a gorgeous pale green colour..needed to get one.. this fluro pink was crying out!! lol anyway was a no guilt!

£1.93 ..or 1.63 w/NUS Card!

They have a cute cheek stain in a big fat lipbalm style tube..tooo adorable..(This may be mine tomorrow!)

Also ELF brushes arrived, washed them...there are lovely..I heard a lot of bad things about the blending brush..was expecting it to be straight in the bin..its lovely and soft..fluffy..gorgeous!! They are identical to my Ruby and Millie in..they look like they came from the same factory..even packaging..IDENTICAL..Sick..for £6-11 ..Opposed to the £1 a piece these ELF ones were!! ..definitely going to get a couple more! They came 3 days after order.. really pleased with them. The Easter promo is fab, £5 off when spending £15..but..I am staying away!

Foundation brush, eye liner brush, concealer brush and blending brush

Waiting until week after next to hit MAC, got an assignment due, so soon as that's done and handed in....stupid amount of reading, case law bla bla bla..once that's done...I will be treating myself with a few bits. Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing powder is top of the well as some mundane items I have used up!

Want to start collecting eye think am going to order a 15 pan palette....then some pan shadows..a couple each month should have it filled by xmas time!! oh I wish the counters sold them..its so annoying when not in London cant get hold of pro products!! aaah(MAC mail order is JUST NOT the same)!

Anyways..nothing else exciting..loving my neon nails though!

Trying to confine my make up loving to my friends now have "MAC" bored dribbling faces they make when I start going on about MAC...."oh no she is off on about MAC..again!!".. I know you guys understand though!! lol Speaking of addicts..I discovered Specktra this week..LOVE! Check it out!



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