Sunday, 8 March 2009

Food log SUNDAY


Fennel & Nettle detox blend tea

Coffee w/ toffee davinci syrup

1 Berocca multivitamin in water

3 fried eggs w/loads of chili ground on top


Sugar free squash, Strawberry and Kiwi variety.

1 "Steak" w/ runny boiled egg on top

Snack later : 2 fried eggs with butter

** Not usually one to eat fake meat, but got them on offer, been in the freezer, fancied something different!!

156 calories, bit of a treat, loads of protein! so..ain't gonna sweat it!


Been studying and spring cleaning today, thought was the perfect time to clean the house and consolidate my notes for the week. Seemed to have every season today in one day! Torrential rain, sunshine, clouds..then fine and dry again!! lol Feel rested and ready for another week at work..well nearly!


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