Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Transition back to solids!

Okay so from tomorrow I will be transitioning back to solids!

Off shopping for veggies etc that I need in the evening, looking forward to having some juice!For those of you that dont know I was fruitarian for 18 months prior to (vegetarian)Atkins, so breaking fasts gently/having a vegan diet for a short easy for me!

This is how the plan goes.

Day 1: Orange juice + juicy fruit

Day 2-4: Orange juice and homemade broth (minimal eating of veggies)

Day 5 onwards Broth, some well cooked veggies, thin soups and egg drop soup + additional half avocado

With a view to getting back to VLC : eggs main food, plenty of fats

Will be supplementing as usual with coconut oil, Berocca and the addition of Chili olive oil to my soups.

That's all for now!



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