Friday, 27 February 2009


Still not feeling 100% but trying hard to eat, keep it down etc

Scrambled eggs; 4 eggs, water, sea salt

Green tea

Fennel tea

Probably have a coffee w/davinci bit later on



Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Hello Kitty at MAC

Okay completely girly indulgent post..

Hello Kitty landing at MAC in the next week, cannot wait!! All the lovelies across the pond have had it for several weeks now!

Anyways if you haven't seen is the gorgeous Lorraine sharing her haul....Current Custom

Really impressed with the Blonde Brunette and Redhead collection

My other half treated to some valentines goodies....the minerealize in Brunette , the natural mineralize(deep dark) and Underplay lipstick... in love with Mineralize right now. Am finding it gives enough coverage for weekdays..without needing a thick layer of foundation!! I went in thinking I wanted "Shag" lipstick from the website..entirely different in person! Underplay is a creamy nude..fabulous on!

Am after some of the Brunette eye shadows next.... planning a trip to Liberty's in a few weeks to take a look at the latest NARS goodies, the colours look so much different in person compare to on the website!

Working on getting my skin in top condition this month! Relaxing anyways to have some pamper time of an evening!

Anyways...just sharing my excitement!! out for more make up banter!

Back at last!

Finally back after a bit of poorly spell, going to CBT for my OCD, so hoping to be feeling back on top form very soon!!

Baby steps, one day at a time!

Stocked up the fridge for the week..going to try my best to eat, although with medication it is hard

45 Eggs


Cottage cheese

Mature Cheddar

Olive oil



Various sugar free squash bottles

Same as always 5g a day

Will be taking Berocca daily also


Tuesday, 3 February 2009


6AM:2 fried eggs

at work
Herbal tea
1 Roobios tea
Mexican Lime squash

1 Navel orange * feeling a bit rundown so oranges + berocca right now, not optimal..but there we go!

Evening :
4 egg omlette

PWO 2 meat free burgers grilled then cooked in butter

Monday, 2 February 2009



2 fried eggs in olive oil


Black Coffee

Fruit herbal tea


1 Navel Orange

2 Eggs, 2 Burgers + Lots of butter

2 huge mugs of Chocolate truffle tea (herbal/black tea..delish)

Sunday, 1 February 2009


Food today

3 fried eggs, Butter + chili

1 Navel orange

4 egg omelet with Butter, chili and sea salt.

Lots of Mexican Lime cordial (splenda sweetened), 2 Coffee, Water

Might do 2 burgers in butter if I get peckish!

Snowing up a storm must go get my wintery bits ready for work!! TTFN!