Friday, 13 March 2009

This weeks make up chatter...

** Warning I am about to ramble on about my love for MAC... step away if your not into MAC**

Okay so I am loving my Mineralize skin finish natural, got this for valentines..and well, its amazing! I don't have to touch up or anything breakouts! hurrah

Basically all I use is maybelline Mousse foundation as concealer, kabuki on this, with primer, then mineralize on top. Amazing flawless finish! Love it!

Anyways I was after another, have the natural and the brunette...however...after looking about I found out about this...

Sugar Sweet collection...Launched in I am going to hang tight to get the Mineralise skin finish in this collection, looks just incredible! drooling!! seriously!!..may also look at the Grand Duos at this stage...

Okay so one of my favourite bloggers ...Allthatglitters21 has been using Fix plus recently. Am going to get this next week, I have to try this out. Currently I use evian spray but this has soothing green tea ..lush!

I was looking at the flat brush that's just come out with the well defined collection..well today we were doing paint facing at work for Red Nose Day, and I noticed the brushes the lady was using looked identical to the new MAC one! These are artists flat brushes, and retail at £3-£6, rather than a whopping £24.. I will definitely be looking into these..will get back with what I got at the artists store!

Looking forward to hitting up MAC pro in a couple weeks and also checking out NARS stuff at Liberty's. I adore most of the stuff on HQhair..but I find colours are exceptionally hard to judge really have to see, try and feel the product!

Anyway..enough rambling..for now!!


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