Tuesday, 31 March 2009

.....credit crunch shopping!

Have been soo busy with coursework and reading.. not been about lately..apart from a quick read of my favourite make up blogs! Went to meet my best mate for lunch n shopping first time since xmas..so well overdue!..resisted Selfridges..seriously I walked straight through all the beautiful make up counters!
the recession officially bites..!!

Anyways what I did get..

Hello Kitty Make up bag, H&M £2.99...amazing price..and so adorable!! Its roomy and even has some little pockets inside..fab! Its now home for my facial wipes!
They had loads of colours, smaller patent bags, as well as a collection of Hello kitty shower gels, body butters and little eyeshadow pallet's..too cute!

Skincare@ Boots

Still loving the Neutrogena, its fading out my old acne scars fantastic..so got some triple action lotion, wipes etc Simple wipes always fantastic..am ruthless about cleansing with my current foundation routine! no good falling asleep with a full face on!

3 for 2 offer..too much to miss!

Boots have launched a vintage style collection of skincare..the packaging is Divine..fancy the Skin tonic..in an old fashioned rose water bottle..lush!
I noticed PONDS have relaunched their classic Cold cream cleanser..this reminds me of my mum as a kid..she swore by this stuff, needless to say she was delighted to hear its back!! The packaging is fab...and well the smell is so nostalgic..its just the same as it was all those years ago!

Thought would take advantage of student discount at Superdrug..got some Barry M dazzle dusts
Colours are : Cherry Black and Chocolate brown

Recently saw a fab make up look on the show "the city" Ali the model ..was wearing a super dewy bronze face, nude lip..and chocolate brown shimmer waterline and super heavy in socket......simply stunning....balance of the dewy face with it..fab fab!want to recreate it using the Chocolate brown dazzle pot. Gorgeous(see piccy below)!!

Planning on doing a make up haul in a couple weeks, so holding back, couple bits I want to check out; MAC Grand duos. Think until I see the Grand Duo Light over Dark in person..I wont know if I really love love love it!

Got my assignment back for my course, got a good grade so chuffed, getting a reward from MAC..so looking forward to picking something lush out!!

You know what they..all work and no play! small pleasures in life!!


Rebekah xo

Thursday, 26 March 2009

FOOD log

Okay back to food logging..sorry for the break! Been slowly adjusting to solids ..different meds etc etc!

6 AM :2 eggs

@ Work

3 black coffee

1 navel orange

Tonight will have :

After 6PM : 4-5 eggs

Activity : 6 mile walk, gym workout and yoga

Looking into IF at the moment, am thinking of trying this out next week. Will mean an eating window 3-8pm or 4-9pm. Anyways going to play with this and see what feels best. Check out Fast-5 site.


Rebekah xx

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Transition back to solids!

Okay so from tomorrow I will be transitioning back to solids!

Off shopping for veggies etc that I need in the evening, looking forward to having some juice!For those of you that dont know I was fruitarian for 18 months prior to (vegetarian)Atkins, so breaking fasts gently/having a vegan diet for a short period..is easy for me!

This is how the plan goes.

Day 1: Orange juice + juicy fruit

Day 2-4: Orange juice and homemade broth (minimal eating of veggies)

Day 5 onwards Broth, some well cooked veggies, thin soups and egg drop soup + additional half avocado

With a view to getting back to VLC : eggs main food, plenty of fats

Will be supplementing as usual with coconut oil, Berocca and the addition of Chili olive oil to my soups.

That's all for now!



Friday, 13 March 2009

This weeks make up chatter...

** Warning I am about to ramble on about my love for MAC... step away if your not into MAC**

Okay so I am loving my Mineralize skin finish natural, got this for valentines..and well, its amazing! I don't have to touch up or anything and..no breakouts! hurrah

Basically all I use is maybelline Mousse foundation as concealer, kabuki on this, with primer, then mineralize on top. Amazing flawless finish! Love it!

Anyways I was after another, have the natural and the brunette...however...after looking about I found out about this...

Sugar Sweet collection...Launched in April..so I am going to hang tight to get the Mineralise skin finish in this collection, looks just incredible! drooling!! seriously!!..may also look at the Grand Duos at this stage...

Okay so one of my favourite bloggers ...Allthatglitters21 has been using Fix plus recently. Am going to get this next week, I have to try this out. Currently I use evian spray but this has soothing green tea ..lush!

I was looking at the flat brush that's just come out with the well defined collection..well today we were doing paint facing at work for Red Nose Day, and I noticed the brushes the lady was using looked identical to the new MAC one! These are artists flat brushes, and retail at £3-£6, rather than a whopping £24.. I will definitely be looking into these..will get back with what I got at the artists store!

Looking forward to hitting up MAC pro in a couple weeks and also checking out NARS stuff at Liberty's. I adore most of the stuff on HQhair..but I find colours are exceptionally hard to judge online..you really have to see, try and feel the product!

Anyway..enough rambling..for now!!


Water water water

Am sticking to liquid only at the moment, just for two weeks, rest my digestive system and simplify things even more so for a fortnight.

following is on the menu :


herbal infusions

green tea

freshly made lemonade

protein shakes : coffee/tea base-- scoop whey or hemp PP, Davinci syrup..done!

going to try the olde.....egg creams

coconut oil
Berocca multivitamin
Dr Stuarts Purity tea, Valerian Tea and Lax Plus

That's it until next weekend

Will post again as I transition back to solids and then VLC.


Sunday, 8 March 2009

Food log SUNDAY


Fennel & Nettle detox blend tea

Coffee w/ toffee davinci syrup

1 Berocca multivitamin in water

3 fried eggs w/loads of chili ground on top


Sugar free squash, Strawberry and Kiwi variety.

1 "Steak" w/ runny boiled egg on top

Snack later : 2 fried eggs with butter

** Not usually one to eat fake meat, but got them on offer, been in the freezer, fancied something different!!

156 calories, bit of a treat, loads of protein! so..ain't gonna sweat it!


Been studying and spring cleaning today, thought was the perfect time to clean the house and consolidate my notes for the week. Seemed to have every season today in one day! Torrential rain, sunshine, clouds..then fine and dry again!! lol Feel rested and ready for another week at work..well nearly!


more girly chat....Skincare for March

Okay so I have been trying out a new skincare regime..very aware that just using any old thing on my skin isn't going to cut it!

My skin has improved loads since Low carbing, basically I used nada on my skin up until a couple months ago, water..and any old lotion! eek! I have combination skin, getting dried these days to be fair, which is a good thing after many teen years fighting with oily skin!!

Been using the following products for the past 3 weeks :

Neutrogena Visibly clear range

2 in 1 wash and mask

Strong, effective!

works well as a mask.. can just dab it on spots before bed also if you don't want the full mask face for bedtime!

2 in 1 concept is genius, works a charm for both applications!

This feels super emollient when your rubbing it into your face for using it as a "wash", really great, gets all the make up off.

Oil free Moisturiser

Really chemical smell, wowsers! This bothers me, I really cant put it on before bed! smells like I sprayed Dettol on my face!

Works fine, not really rich enough for using before make up- would need something rich or a primer on top.

Handled PMS breakouts..no sweat!

Will keep using it as a topical thing, not a daily moisturiser..its pretty harsh!

Once a week, Olay Regenerist Micro-derm cloths

** to be honest I got them as I had £5 boots voucher for Olay, and I wanted the pot, as they sell refills for combination skin, however not the original box set up..very odd! I will be buying the Olay daily facial REFILLS to go in the pot once I am finished!

These are pricey at £7.33

Anyways really like them, use it once or twice a week for a deep clean. Very cleansing, not too abrasive clothes at all. Use the smooth side to rinse your skin.

Leaves your skin feeling really nice, firm and clean!

No breakouts, I know some people are allergic to Olay, so maybe worth testing it first!

for underneath work make up: Boots Expert Shine control cream

So cheap about £3 ..and so effective, been using this before applying concealer..it works, I have been using just MAC mineralize lately and NO SHINE..fantastic..normally I am an oil slick by 6pm!

So for now that is my basic skincare regime, I loveee Dermatologica, but wrestling with whether to get some more products, at £33 a bottle..its a bit of a purchase!


R xx

Saturday, 7 March 2009

My current make up wishlist...

...here is my girly bit for the week..

Okay so completely drooling over various things at the moment! MAC is sooo delayed in releasing things out here its mad! Finally Hello Kitty was out Thursday, along with some limited edition Mineralize and Grand Duo's..which I am equally excited about!!
I need some relaxation time, have been studying like a fiend recently..so simple pleasures in life..really do cheer a woman up!! There is more to life than Law..lol
Just received my NUS card, amazingly you can get 10% off at Superdrug, which is fabulous for Barry M and GOSH!!
okay..so here are the products I most want right now...making a bit of a list...

1. Barry M new releases
Barry M releasing spring range in 2 weeks time, the pastels are beautiful.Am after these nail varnishes...gorgeous! £2.95 each

Baby Pink

Pale Purple

Lavender Blue

drools! I got the Grey last month after seeing Lollipop26 wearing it..it is sex on legs!

2. Barry M Dazzle Dusts

These are beautiful, pigmented..and comparable to MAC paint pots. But..less than half the price!

£4.50 each rather than...£11.20 ish

Petrol black (new in!)


Dark chocolate

3. Mac grand duo....Mineralize blush

this one is crying out to be loved..and..in my make up bag....

Light after dark is the one I am after..shimmery bronze..gorgeous!

4. Mac Square foundation brush

This is part of the Well Defined collection, lusting..badly..think I am going to ask for it for my birthday!

at a whopping £24.. it isn't going to be an impulse buy!
For the time being am going to buy a GOSH foundation brush.. getting the perfect base down is a bit of a project for me currently!

5. Benefit eyeshadow Lana

creamy..pot format..my favourite.. £13

that's all for now..I think I feel a Barry M shopping spree coming on!! Superdrug have slashed some of the line down, even more excuse!!
Looking at re-organising my make up currently.. will report back with what ideas/finds!

Food for Saturday

1 teapot green tea

Squash : Strawberry & Kiwi no added sugar

5 egg omlette with 2 teaspoons cottage cheese + Large pat of butter

for tea will do:

3-5 soft boiled eggs

Going to cinema so will probably have a diet coke!

Thats all