Saturday, 7 March 2009

My current make up wishlist... is my girly bit for the week..

Okay so completely drooling over various things at the moment! MAC is sooo delayed in releasing things out here its mad! Finally Hello Kitty was out Thursday, along with some limited edition Mineralize and Grand Duo's..which I am equally excited about!!
I need some relaxation time, have been studying like a fiend simple pleasures in life..really do cheer a woman up!! There is more to life than
Just received my NUS card, amazingly you can get 10% off at Superdrug, which is fabulous for Barry M and GOSH!! here are the products I most want right now...making a bit of a list...

1. Barry M new releases
Barry M releasing spring range in 2 weeks time, the pastels are beautiful.Am after these nail varnishes...gorgeous! £2.95 each

Baby Pink

Pale Purple

Lavender Blue

drools! I got the Grey last month after seeing Lollipop26 wearing is sex on legs!

2. Barry M Dazzle Dusts

These are beautiful, pigmented..and comparable to MAC paint pots. But..less than half the price!

£4.50 each rather than...£11.20 ish

Petrol black (new in!)


Dark chocolate

3. Mac grand duo....Mineralize blush

this one is crying out to be my make up bag....

Light after dark is the one I am after..shimmery bronze..gorgeous!

4. Mac Square foundation brush

This is part of the Well Defined collection, lusting..badly..think I am going to ask for it for my birthday!

at a whopping £24.. it isn't going to be an impulse buy!
For the time being am going to buy a GOSH foundation brush.. getting the perfect base down is a bit of a project for me currently!

5. Benefit eyeshadow Lana

creamy..pot favourite.. £13

that's all for now..I think I feel a Barry M shopping spree coming on!! Superdrug have slashed some of the line down, even more excuse!!
Looking at re-organising my make up currently.. will report back with what ideas/finds!

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