Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Bit of feedback on plan so far:
  • Noticed am feeling full of energy

  • Able to train harder/do more reps

  • Working out 2 hours minimum each day + 6 mile walk -- a lot easier than it was at the start of January!No longer exhausted after my walk

  • Starting the day with Fried eggs and plenty of FAT keeps me full for at least 4-6 hours.

  • Being deep in Ketosis keeps ALL hunger away

Have been using my stepper at home quite a lot for 1 hour periods, find this is easy to do whilst watching television, adding in weights really helps avoid any boredom. Definitely worthwhile!

Food for TODAY

- 3 fried eggs(in olive oil) with 1oz Mozzarella on top

-Egg mayo (4 eggs, 2 T Mayo)

-2 Coffee w/davinci

75% fat, 5g carbs. Aiming for 5g or UNDER everyday.

Target for today met!


1.5 hours Stepper

1 hour run + workout

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