Friday, 23 January 2009


Decided to blog mainly about low-carb stuff, but also some other girly things that don’t have anything to do with nutrition. This will mainly be dedicated to food, nutrition and new recipes.

Bit of background, Vegetarian of 12 years, Fruitarian of 1 year, followed DANDR Atkins to loose 42lb now cycling egg fasting in order to get fit, ripped and ready for summer!

The choice to change my diet radically was mainly for weight loss, I probably wasn’t anywhere near as active as I am now, but my weight was sitting still and I felt it was worth trying a different way of life for a short period. Been low carb since August 2008.

I can’t tolerate a huge amount of dairy, am playing around with doing this with and without. Shall see how that goes! The decision to go back to being a lacto-ova vegetarian after being a strict vegan was a pretty big deal for me, I think some sort of middle ground is best!

For the last 10 weeks have been cycling Egg fasting with Stillman’s diet, the next 4 weeks aims to be as low carb as possible, playing around with amounts of fat and seeing the impact this has on weight loss as well as strength during training.

Usually consume 10-15g carbs per day, Aim to keep it as close to ZERO as possible.

Outline of plan for 20/01/2009-20/02/2009

High fat – Sunflower oil, Olive oil, fresh Mayo and Hemp Oil

Unlimited amount of eggs per day
Limited any Meat replacements to 1 serving : 1 burger, 1 “chicken” fillet, 1 sausage etc.
Splenda sweetened Squash or Crystal light, no fizzy drinks

Lactose free cheese – 1 oz once a day. Aiming to cut it down to 1 serving per week

+ Adding in Protein shakes this month – made with water or Soya Milk/ add in Hemp butter etc if needed

Mainly focus is : Eggs and plenty of fat.

In whatever format be that egg creams, egg mayo, devilled eggs, omelet, chocolate eggs, oopsie rolls, quiche etc.

6 mile walk every day

1 hour run or 1 hour stepper with a high resistance

Weight training of set body part OR Spinning OR General workout for 1 hour

Weekends : Add in interval session outdoors
GROCERIES as of 23.01.2009

30 eggs
Olive oil
Sunflower oil
Meat replacement- chicken fillets
Chili Grinder
Roobios Vanilla Tea
Sugar free Squash
Mexican Lime Cordial

1 Davinci Syrup : English Toffee

Probably stop to buy more sale eggs tomorrow, get them whilst they are cheap!

That’s it simple!

That’s the plan for the coming month. Hope to follow with food journal as well as recipes.

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