Saturday, 4 April 2009

ELF....and make-up chatter

Okay so I was watching vids last night and heard someone mention ELF all over cover looked lush and dewy on.......hmm..ELF..Whatever is that??!!.. after a quick google and pulling up a billion youtube reviews..I cracked on with the website!!

A quick gander on facebook found that there is a £1 brush offer until MIDDAY Sunday lunchtime! Fabulous (its BRUSHOFF) ..Too good..anyway was kindly treated to 4 brushes..£4!!!!I have been going on and on about getting a reward for my assignment so this seemed fitting!

I now really want from them the pale pink nail varnish, navy nail varnish, Toasted face stick, Honey lipgloss, eyelashcurler...coconut lip balm..oooooo...maybe a squishy Train case too!! ..And the cream colour bases had good reviews. At £1.50 a piece..this is credit crunch make-up baby!

Will report back on the brushes when they arrive..very excited! Some of my Sephora brushes are looking very very sad!

I completely tidied up my make up last night...very therapeutic! am still finding solutions to organising..if anyone has a fantastic idea, please share!!

Checked out MUJI, These clear drawers are fabulous however am wondering how messy they will get or how many I will need by the end of the year, at £10 per two drawers..well I don't think they are going to be as modular as I would like.. Don't think more than 4 stacked is going to work!

WHSmiths has some gorgeous mini drawers..but..out of stock to check my local store for them! These are Laura Ashley and come in various floral designs..very cute and vintage looking.

Also wheeley plastic a charm..but..I think kind of ugly..I have all nice hat boxes and floral storage in my adding a big plastic thing..I am dubious about!! lol

This train case at ARGOS is a steel at 19.99...why couldn't it be silver?! ahh! Am thinking this is the best option despite the colour...

Japonseque have some lovely and fabulous quality ones around £50...bit more of an investment! These have a wooden professional quality..built to last and travel!

There are some amazing organisation vids online..but really..I cannot decide how best to store bits! Ideally I would have a MAC train case..but they are extortionate!!

A girl can dream!..anyways if your after new(and insanely cheap!) brushes..get to ELF by lunchtime tomorrow!


Rebekah xoxo


  1. Elf brushes are good! i saw that promotion & got every brush! it would be rude not to!

    My new project is to organise my makeup & looking for nice storage, i'm so angry at myself, i saw the laura ashley drawers online ages ago & resisted them! & now they're sold out! :(

    have u seen these,21430,21434&name=UK_SK_Eldon_Drawer_Sets_And_Boxes

    they're great for ontop of a vanity! i think i'm gonna go for the larger ones! they're quite cheap as well!

    Nicola x

  2. haha I recently bought stuff from ELF as well, I love it!