Monday, 27 April 2009



2 Boiled eggs

Coffee w/davinci syrup

Green tea

2 meat free burgers w/butter (2g carbs)**

Green tea w/syrup


2 fried eggs

**Addition of the burgers as I had a migraine needed something more to take painkillers on, not something I will be doing again!!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Updated storage ...and wee haul!

Bit of a delayed post as I have had an essay been wrapped up with editing that the past week. All done and dusted now! hurrah!
Anyways I have been hunting for mini storage drawers forever.. every American youtuber..oh depot..ERR..Nowhere here could I find them..! Was in poundland after work one night, don't ask.. think I went to get some drain cleaner..LOL....and there they were..stacks of mini drawers in white, purple and pink! Went with the pleased with them! May have to get two more!

Here they are..fabulous for £2! (thats the MAC double dazzle promo postcard on top there)

Okay these I got a couple weeks ago, its a range at Superdrug 2True, everything is £1.90 or 3 items for £5..I just wanted a small treat..perfect! Actually love this eyeshadow..its a bit too in it is crumbly..but the colour payoff is fantastic..and it stays on 12 hours NO PROBLEM! Eyeliner matches colour wise perfect and is soft..easy to complaints. I worked the smoky purple eye for a good 3 days after getting it...lovee the colour!

The mascara is comparable to the Maybelline Volume express..which I didn't like much..but I like that clumpy look sometimes..which it creates..its better than the Maybelline..and so cheap..fine for a backup! got some mundane things..but very essential
Dry shampoo..fabulous..trying this scent out, normally go with the Tropical! Its a lifesaver morning after the gym..refreshes your hair when you don't have time for a full wash etc.
Trusty Neutrogena..its fading my acne scars ..10 year old acne scars I may add.. so..I am keeping on with it...despite the stink! Trying out this wash..its part of the DEEP CLEAN line not the Visibly clear..smells good, really tingly breakouts.

Okay here is what I picked up last Monday..had a shopping day..lovely and relaxed!

Went to MAC to get the Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing powder. Totally sold out, and not going to be back in my local store for 4 weeks. Was so upset..was the only thing I actually wanted!! The girl was super sweet and gave me a sample from the pot they had on the stand..hurrah!
I then was racking my brain what was next on my list at MAC..remembered Elle mentioning spring bean lustreglass..picked that was £10.20 or thereabouts! Just as promised..gorgeous like honey on the lips..fantastic! the shocking green colour in the tube just makes it more fun!

I had all intentions of getting Maybelline foundation..the new one and the dream mousse..I know the colour matches..not allergic..etc. Then suddenly I saw the SLEEK stand.. sleek is a brand I used as a kid.. all sorts of cheap glitter nail polishes and lipsticks.. its been relaunched..slicked up..and wow am I impressed. Got this cream to powder foundation..gorgeous.. will have to review it at a later date. Was about £ same price range as Maybelline. They have some amazing products, a brick style bronzer(cough cough looks a lot like Bobbi Brown) and the eyeshadow palettes and worth a look!

Another brand causing a stir at Superdrug, BEAUTYUK, Palettes are 2.93 (with Student discount 2.63!). This is the neutral palette..the colours and pigmentation..rock!

Anyways that's it...Now on makeup ban for 4 weeks!! Have plenty to play with for a month.. Double Dazzle is out here in 2 weeks time, so I can totally wait for that..hopefully they wont sell out fast like the Colour Ready did!
R xxx

Food LOG sunday

MORNING: 4 fried eggs

Skinny latte syrup caramel
AFTERNOON: BUTTER + 3 Fried eggs 500ml water
EVENING: Green tea w/toffee syrup Sugar free

If need anything later : boiled eggs pre prepared or spoon of cottage cheese

Saturday, 25 April 2009

FOOD LOG Saturday

Continuing with Very low carb! onwards and upwards!



2 fried eggs

omelet: 3 eggs, handful of spinach



green tea
Coffee w/davinic syrup

Thursday, 23 April 2009

FOOD LOG Thursday

LUNCH : 6 scrambled eggs w/butter

TEA: 2 eggs fried w/butter PM

Green tea, water

Exercise 6 mile walk, leg training


Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Food LOG

Food for Wednesday

Doing VLC, with the addition of the occasional orange, apple or greens when wanted. No sweat! Otherwise EGGs+ FAT

Lunch 4 boiled eggs, soft boiled (no fat)
Dinner Butter + scrambled eggs (5 eggs)

Water, Fennel tea, fruit tea, green tea

Exercise : power walk, 6 mile walk

Friday, 10 April 2009

Food log FRIDAY

100g FAGE Greek strained yoghurt

Sugar free lime cordial

Hot water

Roobios tea!

Nothing better than getting gifts!!

Eyeko nail polish..such cute packaging! Lollipop26 had a gorgeous pale green colour..needed to get one.. this fluro pink was crying out!! lol anyway was a no guilt!

£1.93 ..or 1.63 w/NUS Card!

They have a cute cheek stain in a big fat lipbalm style tube..tooo adorable..(This may be mine tomorrow!)

Also ELF brushes arrived, washed them...there are lovely..I heard a lot of bad things about the blending brush..was expecting it to be straight in the bin..its lovely and soft..fluffy..gorgeous!! They are identical to my Ruby and Millie in..they look like they came from the same factory..even packaging..IDENTICAL..Sick..for £6-11 ..Opposed to the £1 a piece these ELF ones were!! ..definitely going to get a couple more! They came 3 days after order.. really pleased with them. The Easter promo is fab, £5 off when spending £15..but..I am staying away!

Foundation brush, eye liner brush, concealer brush and blending brush

Waiting until week after next to hit MAC, got an assignment due, so soon as that's done and handed in....stupid amount of reading, case law bla bla bla..once that's done...I will be treating myself with a few bits. Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing powder is top of the well as some mundane items I have used up!

Want to start collecting eye think am going to order a 15 pan palette....then some pan shadows..a couple each month should have it filled by xmas time!! oh I wish the counters sold them..its so annoying when not in London cant get hold of pro products!! aaah(MAC mail order is JUST NOT the same)!

Anyways..nothing else exciting..loving my neon nails though!

Trying to confine my make up loving to my friends now have "MAC" bored dribbling faces they make when I start going on about MAC...."oh no she is off on about MAC..again!!".. I know you guys understand though!! lol Speaking of addicts..I discovered Specktra this week..LOVE! Check it out!



Sunday, 5 April 2009

FOOD Log sunday

FOOD for today

1 cup Turkish apple tea


Apple & Mango tea - teapot

Summer fruit sugar free sqaush

3 eggs fried, no fat

Staying in look...

Staying in look..last nights make up..simple..wanted to a quick and easy look..that wasn't too OTT! Fresh face, nude lip..
Simple, but effective!!


MAC Mineralize foundation

MAC Deep Dark MSF

Drugstore Bronzer

Fixed with Evian facial mist


Maybelline Dream Mousse in Gold

Bad gal eyeliner Benefit

Topped with Inky Dazzle dust(Collection 2000): similar to BarryM but HALF the price!



Underplay lipstick, MAC
Love the nude colour..its great!

Anyway here's an easy staying in..loaf on the sofa look!


Saturday, 4 April 2009

ELF....and make-up chatter

Okay so I was watching vids last night and heard someone mention ELF all over cover looked lush and dewy on.......hmm..ELF..Whatever is that??!!.. after a quick google and pulling up a billion youtube reviews..I cracked on with the website!!

A quick gander on facebook found that there is a £1 brush offer until MIDDAY Sunday lunchtime! Fabulous (its BRUSHOFF) ..Too good..anyway was kindly treated to 4 brushes..£4!!!!I have been going on and on about getting a reward for my assignment so this seemed fitting!

I now really want from them the pale pink nail varnish, navy nail varnish, Toasted face stick, Honey lipgloss, eyelashcurler...coconut lip balm..oooooo...maybe a squishy Train case too!! ..And the cream colour bases had good reviews. At £1.50 a piece..this is credit crunch make-up baby!

Will report back on the brushes when they arrive..very excited! Some of my Sephora brushes are looking very very sad!

I completely tidied up my make up last night...very therapeutic! am still finding solutions to organising..if anyone has a fantastic idea, please share!!

Checked out MUJI, These clear drawers are fabulous however am wondering how messy they will get or how many I will need by the end of the year, at £10 per two drawers..well I don't think they are going to be as modular as I would like.. Don't think more than 4 stacked is going to work!

WHSmiths has some gorgeous mini drawers..but..out of stock to check my local store for them! These are Laura Ashley and come in various floral designs..very cute and vintage looking.

Also wheeley plastic a charm..but..I think kind of ugly..I have all nice hat boxes and floral storage in my adding a big plastic thing..I am dubious about!! lol

This train case at ARGOS is a steel at 19.99...why couldn't it be silver?! ahh! Am thinking this is the best option despite the colour...

Japonseque have some lovely and fabulous quality ones around £50...bit more of an investment! These have a wooden professional quality..built to last and travel!

There are some amazing organisation vids online..but really..I cannot decide how best to store bits! Ideally I would have a MAC train case..but they are extortionate!!

A girl can dream!..anyways if your after new(and insanely cheap!) brushes..get to ELF by lunchtime tomorrow!


Rebekah xoxo


Nothing exciting , but here are the eats for today!

1 litre water

2 cups squash -sugar free Cherries with Berries

3 egg scrambled w/water

1 navel orange

will have more water/squash today, found I am able to eat oranges without much problem, no extra hunger ..and still in ketosis which is great!



Thursday, 2 April 2009

Current products....

Cant believe its April already..madness!

Anyways borrowed this idea from the lovely Laura at My Bloggy Blog..fabulous

Shampoo: Frizz ease daily Shampoo, Curl around ( sooo creamy!)

Conditioner: Aussie Miracle 3 minute re-constructor

Shower Gel: Original source Cocoa and Vanilla or Johnson's 24 Moisture (lovely but a bit over perfumed!)

Body Moisturiser: Organic coconut oil or Molton Brown Invigorating Ginseng

Deodorant: Mitchum stick powder fresh!

Cleanser: Simple wipes then Neutrogena Triple action lotion

Eye makeup remover: None at the moment, simple wipes get everything off!

Toner: Tea tree toner from Lush + Evian facial mist

Exfolatior: Olay Microdermobrasion wipes , daily facial collection

Primer: GOSH Foundation Primer

Foundation: Maybelline Dream Mousse

Foundation Brush: Large powder brush & Flat foundation brush(Artists brush)

Concealer: I spot apply the Maybelline for covering acne scars

Powder: MAC MSF in Deep Dark

Bronzer: Moonbeam Benefit highlighting fluid

Eyeshadow Base: Maybelline dream mousse eyeshadow ..applies just the same as a paint pot

Eyeshadows: Urban decay ....major sparkly.....(major fallout) Grind(iridescent white, perfect for inner corner), Shotgun and Chopper

Eyeliner: Bad gal Benefit

Eyelash curler: ..don't use one!

Mascara: Maybelline Define-A-Lash (not feeling it..does what it says..but..I think I like huge clumpy spidery lashes..time to switch!)

Lipstick: MAC Underplay...perfect nude..gorgeous!

Lipgloss: ...More of a carmex kinda gal!