Sunday, 8 March 2009

more girly chat....Skincare for March

Okay so I have been trying out a new skincare regime..very aware that just using any old thing on my skin isn't going to cut it!

My skin has improved loads since Low carbing, basically I used nada on my skin up until a couple months ago, water..and any old lotion! eek! I have combination skin, getting dried these days to be fair, which is a good thing after many teen years fighting with oily skin!!

Been using the following products for the past 3 weeks :

Neutrogena Visibly clear range

2 in 1 wash and mask

Strong, effective!

works well as a mask.. can just dab it on spots before bed also if you don't want the full mask face for bedtime!

2 in 1 concept is genius, works a charm for both applications!

This feels super emollient when your rubbing it into your face for using it as a "wash", really great, gets all the make up off.

Oil free Moisturiser

Really chemical smell, wowsers! This bothers me, I really cant put it on before bed! smells like I sprayed Dettol on my face!

Works fine, not really rich enough for using before make up- would need something rich or a primer on top.

Handled PMS sweat!

Will keep using it as a topical thing, not a daily moisturiser..its pretty harsh!

Once a week, Olay Regenerist Micro-derm cloths

** to be honest I got them as I had £5 boots voucher for Olay, and I wanted the pot, as they sell refills for combination skin, however not the original box set up..very odd! I will be buying the Olay daily facial REFILLS to go in the pot once I am finished!

These are pricey at £7.33

Anyways really like them, use it once or twice a week for a deep clean. Very cleansing, not too abrasive clothes at all. Use the smooth side to rinse your skin.

Leaves your skin feeling really nice, firm and clean!

No breakouts, I know some people are allergic to Olay, so maybe worth testing it first!

for underneath work make up: Boots Expert Shine control cream

So cheap about £3 ..and so effective, been using this before applying works, I have been using just MAC mineralize lately and NO SHINE..fantastic..normally I am an oil slick by 6pm!

So for now that is my basic skincare regime, I loveee Dermatologica, but wrestling with whether to get some more products, at £33 a bottle..its a bit of a purchase!


R xx

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